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Hello World! Welcome to the Kanga Tribe.

For the last couple of months I have had an overwhelming desire to begin writing again. Admittedly, this is not my first attempt at blogging. It’s not even my second or third attempt. Over the years I have tried my hand at writing on a variety of subjects. Crochet, SEO, creative content and being a big super geek (yeah, you read that right. Spock is my homeboy.) While the passion to pursue writing has always been present within me, my imagination surrounding the niche content I was writing was always found to be lacking.

So here I am once again…

Why do I think that the fourth time will be the charm? For once, I am going to write about something that I do consider myself an expert on. Single motherhood.


Now I can already hear the objections…“Aren’t there enough Mommy blogs already?” Perhaps, but why should I let that stop me from putting my voice out into the world? I have been a single mother since the pregnancy test turned pink. I know confidently that I could write a great deal about my life, products that I love, and little tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

But I also do not intend for this blog to be just about parenting, but instead want to write about life from the perspective of a single mother. In the end, I think that this blog will be very relatable to all women because it’s a story. My story. My feelings, thoughts, desires, and obstacles. The roads I’ve taken and in the future where I hope they will lead. And hopefully along the way I’ll be lucky enough to gain some like-minded positive souls to call my followers, friends and fellow Kangas.

Why the name The Kanga Tribe?

Did you know that female kangaroos are the most notorious single mothers of the animal kingdom? Not only do they parent alone, they have two uteruses! They can actually nourish three joeys at one time. One in utero, one developing in their pouch and an older sibling that has left the pouch. Talk about Mom of the year!

So there it is…My absolution to do one thing and one thing only. Just keep writing. I guess the best that I can hope is that some of you will tag along for the ride!  Until next time Kangas! Stay strong, radiate positivity and love fiercely!


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