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Outsource Your Life to Make Single Mommin’ Easier

Low on time and about to lose your mind? Check out our outsourcing tips to help you recover your free time and make single parenting easier!

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They say that being a single Mom is pretty much the equivalent of two full-time jobs in terms of the workload. When you combine that with the time you spend at your actual job and spent scheduling the lives of yourself and your children, it’s pretty much the recipe for a complete break down. We all want to be super Mom, I know, but eventually we have that moment where we know something has got to give. In this day in age, there is no reason why you can’t lighten your load. There are so many options out there to make your life more convenient!  Outsource your life!

Outsource your life to make single mommin' easier! A great list of ways to simplify your life.

Outsource the Laundry!

Stop spending time doing laundry! Outsource the work load!

If you only have one washer and dryer, doing laundry can take hours upon hours away from your free time. (Especially if you have a messy toddler or more than one child.) Did you know that a lot of laundromats and dry cleaners will do all of your laundry for you? Most places charge by the pound.  All you need to do is just drop it off and pick it up!  Check Google for “laundromats near me” and say goodbye to doing laundry!

Outsource your Finances!

Make bills and budgeting a breeze! Outsource your life!

Budgeting and taking the time to pay your bills monthly is a major time suck. You can always set yourself up for monthly bill pay with your bank. If you’re like me though and like to have a visual on your finances and financial outlook I highly suggest using the Prism Bills & Personal Finance app. This app is a life saver! Add your bills, your banks and your payday info and see all of your financial info in one place. You can pay all of your bills in the app and even set reminders of their due dates. I prefer this app over monthly bill pay because it gives me all of my upcoming charges in one calendar and helps me to remember smaller reoccurring charges as well.

Outsource the Household Shopping!

Get out of household shopping at big box stores! Outsource your life!

When you’re a single parent, shopping with kids can be a nightmare of epic proportions. With my daughter being in the toddler stage going to the store is almost always a guaranteed tantrum. I can’t say that I blame her though. It’s incredibly boring! To save my sanity I do most of my shopping on Amazon.  Amazon Prime is free for the first 30 days and $99 a year after the trial but the benefits you receive from a membership are worth their weight in gold. (free shipping, free video streaming, free music services, free e-books, it’s seriously amazing) Combine this with the power of an Amazon Echo unit or the Alexa app and all you have to do is tell it to add stuff to your shopping list or to immediately order it.  Trust me, you’ll never have to worry about shopping again.

Outsource the Cleaning and Maintainance!

Hire someone to do household chores. Outsource your life!

Sure, you’re probably not going to pay someone to clean your house regularly (if you do though, I’m totally jealous) but why not outsource some of your larger household jobs? Spring cleaning, dust and window jobs, mowing the lawn, pressure washing your house, trimming hedges and trees. Unless you enjoy these tasks, outsource the work and reclaim your free time. And of course, there is an app for that! Check out Takl on Android. Each contractor on this app is put through rigorous background checks so you know that the job is going to be done right the first time. (It’s not rated that well on the app store but if you take a look at the ratings it’s because people get upset that they didn’t clear the background checks to be contractors. Boo hoo. Woah is me.) This app is great for those who can’t find the time to do household maintenance tasks.

Outsource the Grocery Shopping!

Make Grocery Shopping Easier! Outsource your life!

I won’t go over the reasons again why shopping with kids is a pain but getting groceries is a fact of life if you want to keep your little cuties alive. If you are lucky enough to have a Whole Foods near you, Amazon has recently taken over and has started employing Amazon Fresh nationwide and delivers your groceries for free with an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t have this option contact your local supermarkets to see if they offer a delivery option or a pickup. In my area 3 different chains offer it and I’ll tell you, it’s totally worth taking advantage of when you are short on time….or patience!

Being a single parent can be overwhelming.  I think that it’s pretty important to try to save time any way that we can.  Don’t you agree? It gives us more time to be present in our kids lives and indulge in some well deserved Mommy self-care time. Hopefully, some of these time-saving tips will help you out on your Single Mommin’ journey! Do you have any tips and tricks that you use to make Mommin’ easier? Let us know in the comments below.  Until next time Kangas!  Stay strong, radiate positivity and love fiercely!

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