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I Played Hookie…(Obligatory Life Catch Up Post)

When I first starting writing this post I sat down with the intention of writing that oh so cliche “New year! New me!” post.  No offense to those who went ahead and dedicated a post to New Years Resolutions.  It’s an honorable intention.  It really is and I do adore New Years.  It makes people pause and reflect on the direction that their life is taking and adapting positively and I’m always a fan of that.  For me though, positive changes have been happening gradually over the last few months and I think that is how positive changes should be made.  The best things in life take time, am I right?

I’m not sure if anyone even noticed that I haven’t been posting… This blog is still in its infancy stages and I have a short list of subscribers at this point but still, I didn’t post a bunch during the Holiday shopping season.  For those of you that don’t know, I run an eBay store as well which enables me to stay home with my daughter (which is a true blessing).  Over the last few years of doing this, the Christmas rush has always been very stressful.  Trying to box up orders and manage inventory while having an infant was a real balancing act and at times seemed insane.  So I preemptively allowed myself to stop blogging through this period.

This year though?  It was a total breeze.  I probably didn’t even need to take the time off.  I did though and I was super thankful for the extra bonding time that I was able to squeeze in with my little one.  We did some Pilates together, which is actually pretty hilarious.  Ever see a toddler do a roll up and a half cobra?  It’s pretty much the recipe for cuteness overload.  We read a lot of books…I mean a lot.  The used booksellers that I wrote about in my last post definitely made a lot of money off us over the last month.  And I myself read three novels, leisurely and all relaxed like.  We danced it out, had fun getting “pwetty” as my daughter likes to say it, and overall just had a blast.  So what’s my point to this?

They say that it isn’t until your child reaches the Toddler stage that you begin to start to feel like yourself again as a Mother.  I have no idea where I heard that but it is a sentiment that I now fully understand.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore!  She’s getting more and more independent with every passing day.  A year ago I never would have been able to do a Pilates routine with my daughter.  She would be crawling all over me and I would inevitably give up within a few minutes.  Self-care was practically non-existent.  I was just happy when I could squeeze in a shower by myself.  And reading a book or writing a blog post only happened when my daughter was visiting with her Father or down for a nap.

Now I can easily do more of the stuff that I enjoy because my kid is developing her own interests and I’ll tell you people, it’s a beautiful thing.  So this year I won’t be setting any resolutions.  I’m just going to let the changes come naturally and take full advantage of every moment of renewed normalcy.  So expect some new articles coming your way and here’s to a productive, fun, and healthy New Year!




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